I Wana Zzzz 10g Balm Stick

I Wana Zzzz! 10g Balm Stick

US$ 7.36

Now our balms comes in compact 10g Balm Stick that you can apply on the go! All natural blend with soothing and calming oils such as roman chamomile and lavender which helps to promote relaxation and soothe oneself to sleep or calm a cranky baby. It will helps to relief discomfort from teething, reduce teeth grinding too. Free from SLS, Parabens, chemicals, no preservatives use. Only certified organic ingredients are used. Safe for infants and nursing/ pregnant mummies. Apply on soles, chest, back, temples and behind ears to soothe and calm down. To relax, also massage along ear lobes and to soothe teething babies, apply along the jawlines too. May reapply as often if needed. Pregnant mummies may apply it on their tummy to bond with their babies and soothe both mummy and their baby. Always do a patch test behind knees to check for any reaction before applying. Keep this blend away from direct sunlight and heat.

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