Shoo Shoo 10g Balm Stick

Shoo Shoo! 10g Balm Stick

US$ 7.36

Now our balms comes in compact 10g Balm stick that you can apply on the go! All natural anti- mozzie repellent blend with healing oils such as citronella and lavender which helps to repel mosquitoes and heal insect bites. Free from SLS, Parabens, chemicals, no preservatives use. Only certified organic ingredients are used. Safe for infants and nursing/ pregnant mummies. Apply on exposed areas such as arms/legs or even clothing. Reapply every 2/3 hours to refresh the scent, especially after sweating. For bites, apply on affected areas every few hourly till it subsides. Always do a patch test behind knees to check for any reaction before applying. Keep this blend away from direct sunlight and heat.

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